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The Director and Producers would like to thank the follow festivals for the participation: 4th Bangalore International Short Film Festival in India 2015, 45th Annual Festival du nouveau cinema de Montréal, Belgium – Vlaamse Competities 21e editie Kortfilmfestival Leuven 2015, Australia – Veterans’ Film Festival (VFF) 2015, Cyprus – International Short Film Festival of Cyprus 2015, Iceland – Turtle Filmfest Hólmavík 2015, Germany – Okseø Filmfestival 2015, Switzerland – 13th shnit International Short Film Festival 2015.

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Emmanuel G. Mavros


It is end of February, maybe November, the peppers pruned, the acacias, the gargle’s, the lilacs and cleaned eucalyptuses from the dead lops. Big piles from well smell lops were stacked in the rills of streets front in each house, under familiar trees. Then the place still was full from eucalyptuses, ancient pines and other uncultivated, cause it had lost the loggos completely, mountain did not have completely recede slope, wooded foots, ravines with the cypresses and with oleanders and somewhere white trembling.

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Emmanuel G. Mavros


The production company N. K. Productions presents its first short film and movie based on the well experienced and awarded director and scriptwriter Emmanuel George Mavros who for once more, transforms fantasy into reality. “The Angel from Above” is the forth short film of Mavros’ of which he is trying to show the continuity of life after death beyond of religion and scientific explanations.

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Emmanuel G. Mavros


After many years in the park, the Beggar cannot take it anymore. A woman, who has been visiting him for years makes an effort to change his view on life. But, could it be too late for changes?

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